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4 steps to settle your debt

1. Proper Lender

Please follow instructions that you have in mobile App of the Lender or web-site of the Lender. Make sure that you don’t use any “fraud” or third party services for dealing with your credit. In case for any unknown reasons you don’t have such information or you have any concerns, please contact us by phone or e-mail stated on this web-site.

2. Check Your Details

Do repayment from your account or by placing your details. Check you case number, loan agreement number.

3. Check Repayment Amount

Payment should be sufficient to close outstanding amount in full, so you need to doublecheck that the amount that you are going to repay is equal to the total outstanding amount and you have enough money on your account to complete transaction.

4. Complete Payment

Processing of payment requires time, so please proceed with transaction and instructions of payment ecosystem untill you see successfull notification. Don’t close application or web-site during this process.

Your Address

The Lender and Recovery Agent must have your correct mailing address throughout your case. All notices, letters, checks, etc., will be mailed to the address listed in your Loan Agreement. If you move or change your address, you are obligated to inform the Lender and Recovery Agent in writing, of your new address.


You are responsible for making your payments according to your Loan Agreement. Failure to make payments may result in consequences to your case.

Your Case Number

At the time your loan was disbursed, Lender assigned your case a number. This number is important. You will need to know the number when you contact us or when you make a payment in accordance with the terms of loan agreement.

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